We will answer your questions

Many patients who contact with our medical institution are asking a lot of questions or having unproven or false information about the methods of medical procedures for treating addiction of alcoholism. We try to answer the most frequently asked questions to dispend any doubts and convince patient about the success of pharmacotherapy.


1. Is the implantation procedure performed under anesthesia?
Yes, the implantation procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

2. Are hypnotic seances taking place in the patient's home?
No, all hypnotic seances are performed at our Medical Center.

3. Is detoxification necessary to take further steps in drug addiction treatment?
Detoxification is necessary in drug and alcohol addicts because it cleans the body of all sorts of toxins and metabolism products.

4. Can pharmacologic treatment of alcohol dependence be used in women?
Of course, yes. Pharmacotherapy is indicated for both women and men.

5. Does Naltrexone have side effects?
A drug called Naltrexone, like all medications, exhibits side effects.

6. Does Esperal still apply to the treatment of alcoholism?
No. Currently, drug with the same formulation is used in the pharmacotherapy of alcohol addicts, but under the name Disulfiram. The most successful is pharmacotherapy with the latest generation implant called Naltrexone.

7. Is hypnosis safe for patients?
Of course, yes. Hypnotic seance is recommended after pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. It is led by certified therapists.

8. Can I play sports with alcohol implant?
Naltrexone implant does not interfere with the regular sport.

9. Can a person with cancer use alcohol pharmacotherapy?
No. We always need to know first all about patient medical history, the current state of his health and the all diseases, including cancers, which may decide about stop alcohol pharmacotherapy.

10. Can I have an implantation in one day if I am from other country?
Yes of course. You should only call us and make an appointment and we will be waiting for you with everything ready to make an implantation.