Sexual life of a drug addict

Scientific research confirms that the sex life of a drug addict is completely disturbed. Drugs are the cause of increased susceptibility to venereal diseases, AIDS, and they also often go together with prostitution and pornography.

Psychoactive substances are harmful to the human body and cause disorders in the work of many internal organs. Opioid use is also a cause of risky sexual behavior, which includes sexual relations with accidentally met people, prostituting to raise funds for another portion of drugs, and the use of psychoactive substances to increase one's libido and sexual attraction. A huge problem is the use of drugs by people working under stress. Many of them fall into a strong addiction, which often ends in death. As they work day-to-day in corporations, they try to quit the addiction, but their lives become completely dominated by the desire to reach for another portion of the drug. These people often have partners and spouses, so issues quickly start to appear in their sex life. Many celebrities also use drugs. The problem starts with entering an environment that a drug dealer has access to. More and more people, who are in such a group, are declining into the addiction, from which they cannot free themselves. Drug addiction quickly destroys health and weakens libido, and leads to a lack of control over sex life. 


Sexual life of a drug addict – issues of addicted people

Adolescent drug use often means unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, rape and sexual assaults. In addition, drug addiction is associated with prostitution and other crimes that violate bodily integrity using violence and dangerous objects. In many environments, there are myths about the impact of drugs on sex life. One of them is the opinion that psychoactive substances increase libido. It turns out that this is a misconception. Drugs actually affect the amount of dopamine released in the brain, but the effect is short-lived and rarely lasts more than a few minutes. This means that a person under the influence of opiates or heroin experiences a state of elation and euphoria, but it is so short-lived that it does not intensify any sexual sensations. Usually, a person under the influence of drugs is unaware of what is happening to his/her body, which is why he/she can easily become a victim of sexual harassment or abuse by unknown or new people.

Drug intoxication leads to risky sexual behavior, which involves having unsafe sex, that can result in acquiring HIV and further developing AIDS. Research by New York psychiatrists and psychologists shows that the problem of drugs concerns prostitutes. The percentage of men and women that are prostituting and are addicted to heroin or Brown Sugar is so high that it is estimated that every third such person in the United States may have a serious drug problem. These people are often forced into prostitution, are given drugs without their consent, which leads them to addiction or even death.