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Our Medical Clinic offers our opiate-dependent patients, modern and highly effective treatment methods with a help of implantation of Nalterxone medication, well know all over the world.
Introductory information

Introductory information

Drugs addiction is a type of strong addiction, the primary symptom of which is the continual compulsion of taking psychoactive substances. Drugs are divided into two groups. The former are substances of vegetable origin, the second category, are synthetic substances, created artificially in laboratories. The destructive action of the drugs is to induce the effect of bliss, episodes of Euphoria combined with the body's intoxication. Drugs interact with the CNS, resulting in psychotic states and loss of contact with reality. There are many types of psychoactive substances that differ in the kind of mental states that arise after their ingestion. Drugs can be taken intravenously, orally or inhaled. A very dangerous group of psychoactive substances are opioids. It is a highly addictive substance used in anesthesiology as an analgesic medication of very strong intensity. These are synthetic substances such as morphine, fentanyl, methadone, buprenorphine, oxycodone, which affect the over reactivity of opioid receptors. A group of psychoactive substances belonging to opioids are opiates. Such chemical compounds are present in the poppy seed and its preparations. This substance, due to the appropriate chemical treatment, is transformed into known drugs like heroin or morphine. Drugs intake can end with addiction and serious health consequences, so the first symptoms of opiates addiction should be a signal to take pharmacological treatment with the help of Naltrexone implant.

About treatment

About treatment

Drugs addiction destroys human body and causes many disorders that don’t allow for its proper functioning. Restoration of homeostasis requires appropriate treatment, like drug therapy with a help of a drug called Naltrexone. It is a modern and highly effective medication, opiate antagonist. Before pharmacological therapy, the patient is subjected to a medical assessment to exclude potential problems with his health and life. The execution of detailed diagnostic tests prevents the unexpected occurrence of negative reactions to the medication used in therapy. The next phase is the detoxification of the organism. Our specialists apply to the patient such medications like anti-delirium and anti-pain medicines, as well as electrolytes and glucose. A patient undergoing a detoxification process receives an assistance from our Medical Clinic which is adequate to this offered on the hospital toxicological branches. The detoxification is effective, safe and it is the most comfortable way for the patient to support addiction treatment. Our Medical Clinic offers a holistic drug addiction treatment, because we focus on every sphere of functioning of the human body. The pharmacological methods used by us to treat dependence on psychoactive substances, allow to eliminate the continuous use of the opiates and slow but effective return to normal functioning and healthy life.

After treatment

Post-treatment recommendations

A patient who has successfully finish all the opiates therapy, conducted in our Medical Clinic with the help of Naltrexone implant, has our advice about how to change his lifestyle. The goal of pharmacological therapy to cure opiate dependence is to get rid of the addiction and return the patient to the state of abstinence from psychoactive substances. The first and primary recommendation after therapy is a big care of the patient for his homeostasis, conducting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding any stimulants, especially opiates. A person who has completed opiates treatment in our Clinic must be aware that further attempts to use drugs will again cause addiction or will dramatically deteriorate their current state of health. Another recommendation is to introduce in his life a menu of all sorts of products containing macro, micro elements and vitamins. The organism will quickly return to the old healthy rhythm of life and start functioning properly. An excellent way to strengthen the vital forces is to be outdoors, moderate physical activity and have a large amount of sleep and a regular rest. The patient should avoid stressful situations and such ones inducing high emotional tension. It is also recommended that a person who has completed pharmacological opiates addiction therapy at our Medical Clinic should monitor his current health status and make basic diagnostic tests, mainly morphology, urine tests, ECG, etc.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Opiates use in the form of a popular "compost", Brown Sugar, heroin or morphine, are a pathway that leads to total degradation of the organism. Pathological changes start from the drugs poisoning of the organism. Opiates addiction always results in the death of a person who cannot break out of the addiction. Drugs therapy, conducted at our Medical Clinic includes not only pharmacological treatment with help of Naltrexone implant, but also support like hypnotherapy. Therapeutic sessions are carried out exclusively by highly qualified, certified specialists who have a very rich experience and ability to work with people in different stages of opiates dependence. Good effects are observed with pharmacological therapy in conjunction with support of hypnotic sessions. We guarantee the best aid for those who take opiates treatment at our Medical Clinic.

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Interview with patient

Any person who decides to take an addiction treatment in our clinic is obligated for medical interview with our specialist. We need to know a current state of health of each patient.

Useful Research

During diagnostic tests the patient has an ECG as well as a blood pressure measurement, a sugar level test and other parameters. This allows us to know about a risk of potential health and life-threatening diseases, which then decide about alcohol treatment.

Complete Body Balance

Before starting alcohol pharmacotherapy, it is necessary to restore the body balance through the detoxification process. It consists of rinsing from the body the alcohol, toxins and other harmful chemicals that may negatively affect the course of pharmacological treatment.

Patient Treatment

The pharmacotherapy of alcohol addicts conducted in our medical clinic is a modern and effective method of addictions. We help people to fight with problems which are deadly dangerous to them.

Flexible Pharmacology

The team of our highly qualified medical specialists is choosing the right dose of medication for each patient during the alcohol pharmacotherapy process. This allows us to help them in any step of fight with alcohol dependence.

Scrupulous recommendations

Highly qualified medical specialists in our clinic, provide each patient with accurate and understandable recommendations, helpful during the process of therapy and after it.


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Our Medical Clinic offers all people addicted to opiates, professional and reliable help. We can give you comprehensive treatment with modern medication called Naltrexone. Qualified specialists, like experienced physicians and certified psychotherapists, employed in our Medical Clinic, can help you effectively abandon the addiction and start a new life in abstinence. We are ready to serve people with opiates problems from all over the world.