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Our Medical Clinic offers our opiate-dependent patients, modern and highly effective treatment methods with a help of implantation of Nalterxone medication, well know all over the world.

Professional alcohol detoxification

Alcoholism is a disorder, which results from the addiction to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The disorder requires immediate treatment, regardless of its stage. The main symptom of alcoholism is a lack of control over the frequency and quantity of alcohol consumed. A person affected by alcoholism consumes alcoholic beverages, regardless of their well-being, current state of health or circumstances. Alcoholics suffer acute effects of their addiction, both regarding their professional or family life, and finances. Additionally, alcoholism causes a number of health problems that can disrupt normal existence, cause serious damage to one’s body and even be life-threatening. Alcoholism is often associated with an increase in tolerance to consumed doses of alcoholics drinks, which intensifies addiction and causes many health issuess. According to American scientists, about 17 million people in the US are struggling with the alcohol use disorder. Almost 23 million people are affected by alcoholism on the European continent. About 2 million people die annually due to alcohol-related complications, and several million must undergo expensive treatment to save their health and – in many cases – even their lives. The World Health Organization, in a recently published report on alcoholism, stated that many incurable diseases are associated with regular abuse of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is thought to be one of the main causes of liver cirrhosis and the development of bowel cancer. Early diagnosis of this disorder and implementation of treatment with the help of pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and hypnosis are very important.


How does the treatment run?

Implant therapy with a help of Naltrexone or Disulfiram is recommended by many specialists to get rid of alcohol addiction. It is preceded by a visit to our medical clinic and conducting a thorough interview with the patient. This allows us to choose the correct form of pharmacotherapy for each patient. This all is preceded by detoxification of the organism, which consists in rinsing out toxins, harmful chemicals and alcohol from patient’s organism. Then we can start with implantation. Pharmacotherapy with a medicine called Naltrexone blocks the effects of the consumption of alcohol. This occurs because of the inhibitory action of naltrexone implant on the metabolism of ethyl alcohol. Another drug, used in the treatment of alcoholism, the Disulfiram implant, in the time of consuming alcohol, causes the unpleasant sensations. These symptoms already occur in a few minutes after ingestion of even a very low dose of alcohol. They persist from a few to even a dozen hours. Our alcohol therapy with the help of Disulfiram and Naltrexone implant is more modern and at the same time, one of the most effective method of treatment for the alcohol addiction. We also offer our patient a support after pharmacotherapy. It is hypnotherapy conducted by certified therapists, having high qualifications and very rich professional experience in working with people struggling with alcohol problems.

After treatment

Post-treatment recommendations

After implantation of Naltrexone or Disulfiram, the wound should be inspected to assess the correct healing process. Any irregularities should be immediately consulted with a medical specialist. The patient should be confident that the resulting incision does not require the intervention of the surgeon's doctor, and the wound is quickly and appropriately healed. If you decide to implant a medicine called Naltrexone or Disulfiram, you will receive additional information of the principles of healthy eating or lifestyle changes that help your body return to its natural rhythm. Doctors working in our medical facility are ready to help the patient change the abnormal dietary habits and indicate those foods that are most needed to the body after exiting the alcohol addiction and at the time of return to normal life in abstinence.


Additional information

Alcohol therapy in our medical center helps patients abandon addiction to alcoholic beverages and stay sober. Specialized medical assistance provided by our qualified staff also includes a reliable and accurate assessment of the current state of health of each patient, before starting alcoholism treatment. This is a necessary measure that allows patients to take further steps to successfully treat alcoholism. For people in conflict with the law, we also offer help from a reputable legal office, which will provide necessary advices regarding the current situation of each patient fighting alcohol addiction at our medical facility. Our office is registered and operates legally, meeting the most restrictive EU standards and directives related to the excellent quality of medical services, including the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009 standard. We also have a valid certificate that guarantees that the treatments performed by our team of specialists and the methods used to treat alcoholism do not collide with the law in Poland. A lot of patients have already used the services of our medical facility, and sincerely recommend the anti-alcohol therapy conducted by us with the help of a medicine called Naltrexone. Our reputation has been confirmed by the full satisfaction of patients who, thanks to the help we provide, have achieved the desired success in the fight against their alcohol addiction.

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Interview with patient

Any person who decides to take an addiction treatment in our clinic is obligated for medical interview with our specialist. We need to know a current state of health of each patient.

Useful Research

During diagnostic tests the patient has an ECG as well as a blood pressure measurement, a sugar level test and other parameters. This allows us to know about a risk of potential health and life-threatening diseases, which then decide about alcohol treatment.

Complete Body Balance

Before starting alcohol pharmacotherapy, it is necessary to restore the body balance through the detoxification process. It consists of rinsing from the body the alcohol, toxins and other harmful chemicals that may negatively affect the course of pharmacological treatment.

Patient Treatment

The pharmacotherapy of alcohol addicts conducted in our medical clinic is a modern and effective method of addictions. We help people to fight with problems which are deadly dangerous to them.

Flexible Pharmacology

The team of our highly qualified medical specialists is choosing the right dose of medication for each patient during the alcohol pharmacotherapy process. This allows us to help them in any step of fight with alcohol dependence.

Scrupulous recommendations

Highly qualified medical specialists in our clinic, provide each patient with accurate and understandable recommendations, helpful during the process of therapy and after it.


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Our Medical Clinic offers all people addicted to opiates, professional and reliable help. We can give you comprehensive treatment with modern medication called Naltrexone. Qualified specialists, like experienced physicians and certified psychotherapists, employed in our Medical Clinic, can help you effectively abandon the addiction and start a new life in abstinence. We are ready to serve people with opiates problems from all over the world.